SUP Info

Choosing Your Paddle Length

First time stand up paddlers may not think twice about how long their paddle should be. This is a big mistake, but it is understandable. After all, they are envisioning themselves on their board, and out on the water. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, purchase too short of a paddle for your stroke, and your back will be killing you in no time. You will also find it tougher to travel in a straight line. Continue reading

How to Cut Your SUP Paddle

Are wondering to how to cut your SUP paddle without ruining your investment? Paddles can run upwards of $500, so you are right to be concerned about possibly damaging your sizable investment. Adjustable paddles are the answer for some, but they have been known to snap. Unless you spend a sizable amount of money, an adjustable paddle is usually not dependable over the long run. Continue reading

SUP Terminology-Non-Board Terms

Standup paddling is a unique pastime. Along with your board, there are accessories and other non-board words and terms associated with the sport. Get to know the following SUP language, and even if you are brand-new to the sport you will always sound like a seasoned pro. Continue reading