SUP Info

Introduction to Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Where did stand up paddleboarding begin?

The first stand up paddleboards were actually long, low profile canoes. Hawaiians used them for transportation and fishing. Many historians point to the Hawaiian surfing community of the 1930s as the first notifiable SUP presence as a pastime, with stand up paddling as a sport not developing a real global presence until as recently as 2005. Continue reading

SUP Lingo and Slang

Every sport has its own language, and stand up paddle boarding is no different. While it doesn’t take a genius to understand exactly what someone is referring to when they speak about their SUP board or paddle, some SUP terms may lead to some serious head scratching if you are new to the sport. Let’s take a closer look at some of the slang and lingo used in the stand up paddleboarding community. Continue reading

SUP Terminology - Understanding the Parts of a SUP Board

Your SUP board is a singular piece of equipment made up of individual components. Each one of those pieces, parts and locations has its own special name. Since you don’t want to sound like a confused newbie when you are talking with other stand up paddlers (even if you are), you need to know the following SUV board terms. Continue reading