Turn Your SUP Experience into a Real Adventure

The argument can be made that any time spent on an SUP board is an adventure. You disconnect from the electronic world and are able to see, smell, hear and touch a natural water environment. (If you fall off of your board and don’t close your mouth in time, you may even taste the SUP experience.) Whether slowly cruising flatwater lakes and streams or surfing the ocean, SUP boarding provides an enjoyable immersion into the great outdoors. Continue reading

Make Stand Up Paddling a Family Affair

Stand up paddling is an affordable outdoor experience the whole family can enjoy. You can rent SUP boards, or purchase inexpensive all-around boards that work well for children and adults, men and women. All you need is a body of water and some spare time, and your family can bond while enjoying the great outdoors. No special skills are needed – just a love of physical activity and water-based fun. Continue reading

When you are learning how to surf on your SUP, remembering one major point is vitally important. Never forget that you are now a member of the overall surfing community. That means you need to understand the unwritten etiquette and rules that apply to all surfers, whether on surfboards or stand up paddleboards. Continue reading