Inflatable stand up paddleboards have caught on in popularity the last couple of years. The reasoning is low price combined with extreme portability and minimal storage requirements.

The first inflatables to hit the marketplace were not very rigid. Recently however, SUPs like the Solstice Stand Up Paddleboard 10-Feet 8-Inch model have addressed that rigidity problem successfully, so we are taking a look at that product today.

Solstice Stand Up Paddleboard 10-Feet 8-Inch Features & Specs
  • Reinforced 3 ply PVC material
  • 1,000 Denier rating means excellent durability
  • More rigid than previous inflatable SUP technology
  • Designed with 4 stainless steel tie-downs for stowing away gear
  • One stop shopping package includes carry bag, board, pump and paddle.
What’s Hot About the Solstice Stand Up Paddleboard 10′ 8″

This inflatable SUP carries an attractive 4.4 / 5.0 customer satisfaction rating on Amazon, where you can usually find it discounted from its regular brick-and-mortar retail price tag. More than 70 Amazon purchasers have expressed their satisfaction with this product for a number of reasons.

The Solstice Stand Up Paddleboard 10-Feet 8-Inch inflatable carries a price tag which immediately draws your attention in a positive way. On top of that, you receive a carry bag, pump and SUP paddle with your purchase, meaning even more value.

What is really nice is the technology used to make this board. The first inflatable SUPs that entered the market simply were not rigid enough to handle anyone over about 150 pounds. Solstice has been successful with a particular 3 ply PVC reinforced fabric in making this board much more rigid than most inflatables, many of which require a much larger financial investment.

As a value purchase this is a no-brainer for a beginner or all-around board purchaser. Add the discounted Amazon purchase price and excellent customer satisfaction rating from previous buyers and you have a great SUP buy for a lot of reasons.

Why It’s Not So Hot

If you weigh more than 250 pounds, this is not the board for you. This is also an all-arounder, and not the choice if you want to surf or race competitively. As a complete package however, the price and performance cannot be beat. Perfect for fishing, cruising, and casual surfing.

Who is the Solstice Stand Up Paddleboard 10′ 8″ Perfect for?

At 10′ 8″ long, this Solstice Inflatable SUP is a good intermediate length. Inflatability means minimal storage space is required, portability has never been better, and the added pump makes inflating quick and easy. This is the perfect SUP purchase for children and teens, budget shoppers and any men or women under 250 pounds that enjoy stand up paddleboarding.