Paddleboarding for Seniors

Top 7 SUP Safety Tips -Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand up paddleboards offer a lot of rewards for young and old, women and men alike. But in your haste to get out on the water and have fun, you may be overlooking some important safety concerns. If you want your SUP experience to be a positive one, remember the following top 7 SUP safety tips. Continue reading

Make Stand Up Paddling a Family Affair

Stand up paddling is an affordable outdoor experience the whole family can enjoy. You can rent SUP boards, or purchase inexpensive all-around boards that work well for children and adults, men and women. All you need is a body of water and some spare time, and your family can bond while enjoying the great outdoors. No special skills are needed – just a love of physical activity and water-based fun. Continue reading

Do You Make These 5 Common SUP Paddling Mistakes?

SUP boards can provide years of water-based fun and entertainment. But you have to know how to paddle. Do not assume that you can simply jump on an SUP and paddle like a pro the first time out. Practice makes perfect, and there are definitely a few things you want to avoid. Steer clear of the following 5 common SUP paddling mistakes and you will look and paddle like a pro every time. Continue reading